Lyrics: Nasty C – Everything ft. Kaien Cruz

  • Nasty C Everything ft Kaien Cruz Music Lyrics

    [Verse 1]

    In my mind I still revisit that day
    The day we met at the mall
    When you smiled at me
    Something in my stomach would crawl
    I’m surprised I could talk
    Especially for that long
    ‘Cause the truth is we didn’t have nothing in common, at all
    I had stalked you for days
    And not a sign of a flaw
    I would stand when you walk, It’s a round of applause
    You rubbed your hand on my arm
    And every bit of me paused
    Girl, you don’t know how much I tried not to be awkward
    Ah Sh!t
    I still remember your outfit
    And what’s embarrassing is that because it aroused me
    Your jeans were a tight fit, imaginary crown fit
    And you keep it shining like you can’t breathe without it
    Ah Sh!t
    What kind of galaxy are you from?
    Face beat, red-bottom shoes on
    F.uck it all up, get your groove on
    Flex on ’em, baby show ’em who’s boss

    [Verse 2: Kaien Cruz]

    The way you turn me on it got me feeling alive
    Ask me what my name is and I kind of forgot
    I must be dreaming, I got a faith and I can’t get used to you
    So can you come over to my house
    We can stay up and talk
    We can be who we are, in my house
    We don’t have to worry ’bout nothing
    ‘Cause I give you everything

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    [Verse 3: Nasty C]

    Okay, little mamma show me how you stole my heart
    I wanna feel that again, ay
    Subzero I freeze up again
    I hear the beetles again, you
    Thief in the brightest of day, me
    Victim of third degree slay, God
    Was playing them tricks on that day, damn
    Your booty ain’t taking no breaks
    Hold me hostage at your place
    I won’t even try to escape
    You let me get out of basis
    Netflix and D!ck on your braces
    It makes me happy to say this
    I been had my eye on you since grade 6
    The kids in school thought we was crazy
    Now we holding hands in Mercedes

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    [Outro: Kaien Cruz]

    Woah oh oh

    Yeah yeah yeah
    I give you everything


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