Eminem – KILLSHOT [MGK Response]


    Eminem KILLSHOT MGK Response Mp3 Download – Eminem fires back. Following Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” diss, Eminem has responded with his own diss track.

    “When your fans become your haters,” says Em before bringing up Rihanna. “Rihanna just hit me on a text / Last night, I left hickeys on her neck.”

    He continues, “How you gonna name yourself after a gun and you have a man bun?” before addresses MGK’s criticism of his age. “I’m 45, but I’m still outselling you,” says Em. “My biggest flops are your greatest hits.”

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    He goes on to call MGK a “broke B!tch” and the “wack” version of him. “I’d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you,” he says. “You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie no JAY / Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho / You about to really blow / Kelly, they’ll be putting your name next to Ja, next to Benzino / Die, motherF.ucker, like the last motherF.uckin’ saying Hailie in vain.”

    The insults continue. “You would suck a D!ck to F.uckin’ be me for a second,” says Em. “Had enough of this tatted up mumble rapper / How the F.uck can him and I battle? / He’ll have to F.uck Kim in my flannel / I’ll give him my sandals / ‘Cause he knows long as I’m shady, he’s gon’ have to live in my shadow.”

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    He also brings up MGK’s beef with G-Eazy (“We can all see you’re F.uckin’ salty / ‘Cause Young Gerald’s balls deep inside of Halsey”) and een takes a controversial shot at Diddy. “Kellz, the day you put out a hit is the day Diddy admits that he put out a hit that got Pac killed,” he raps, later adding, “You know I’m just playing Diddy / You know I love you.”

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    He ends with a final warning: “Just leave my D!ck in your mouth and keep my daughter out it.”

    Eminem dissed MGK on “Not Alike” off his surprise album Kamikaze, which inspired MGK’s “Rap Devil” diss.

    Listen to Shady’s revenge below.


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