Lil Wayne Discharged from Hospital

  • Lil Wayne has been advised by doctors to take a break from stressful activities as he recuperates following a seizure he suffered some days ago.
    Lil Wayne
    Lil Wayne has been released from the hospital, days after he suffered a seizure.
    TMZ reports that the rapper has been told by doctors to take a break and rest from his busy routine. Sources close to the rapper has debunked claims from some quarters that the rapper suffered from seizures due to taking of sizzurp ( a codeine based syrup also known as “lean”), rather, it was as a result of his strenuous work load and next to no sleep.
    According to TMZ, the artist is expected to take two weeks break, to recuperate from his present ordeal, even though he has plans to appear on his next gig, which is slated for September 23, 2017, at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    Sources close to the rap artist, say he has been told not to overwork himself on his upcoming schedule. Lil Wayne is known for his back-to-back flurry of concerts, nightlife and studio time.
    It would be recalled the ‘Lolly Pop” star’s release from the hospital was revealed a day after his 18 years old daughter, Reginae Carter took to Twitter to update fans about his state of health.
    ” My dad is doing fine everyone! Thanks for the concern. You guys are amazing”, she tweeted.
    Lil Wayne over the years has suffered from seizures which have sometimes cut short his concerts.

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